Yin Yoga is a scientific approach to yoga combining cutting edge Western anatomical knowledge, meridian theory taken from traditional Chinese medicine and the principles of Taoist Yoga. Yin yoga offers deeper access to the body targeting connective tissue, fascia and ligaments with the aim of lubricating and protecting the joints.


Events And Retreats


Yoga Evolved Festival - Saturday 7th July

The Yoga Evolved Festival brings together yoga, art and inspirational talks in one incredible venue. I have put together an incredible selection of teachers offering full length classes for all levels in:

* Acro

* Forrest

* Ashtanga

*Power Yoga

*Yoga Inversions

*Gin Yin

The event aims to offer more than just classes and includes an art exhibition, inspirational talks, workshops, vegan food and much more! And all for an incredibly low price! Visit yogaevolved@eventbrite.co.uk for more info and tickets.